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Schools reopening round up

The discussions around how and when schools will open to more pupils is evolving hour by hour. Here is a round up of the latest goings on:

BMA LETTER : The British Medical Association have written a letter backing the NEU’s 5 tests before schools can return.

Unions ask for more evidence: Teaching unions met with the Dfe to ask for them to release the science behind their decision to “reopen” on June 1st, this is yet to be done.

Some Council’s have said they won’t reopen on June 1st: Liverpool Council has been followed by a few others in saying they will defy Government advice and not open on June 1st.

NAHT say June 1st not feasible: Boss of head teachers union NAHT Paul Whiteman has said it won’t be possible to open schools as per Government plans at the start of June.

Dfe say absence a matter for heads: Whilst it has been confirmed parents will not be fined if they choose not to send pupils to school, the Dfe have said staff absence consequences are sown to heads.

LGA Call for Local authorities to have power to close schools if Covid cluster emerges:

Dfe say no pupil rotate: further guidance was released this week in which the Government said they don’t want totals (e.g. specific days in for year groups).

Children just as likely to contract Covid-19: Research released this week as well as ONS data claims young people are at least just as likely to get the virus as other age groups.

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