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Osborne’s budget failure

George Osborne inflicted another Conservative budget on the country this week that slashes funding, hits the poorest hardest and increases inequality. On top of all of the cuts Reading Council has already had to find, more is set to come after Osborne says a further £3.5bn of cuts are needed. What for you might ask? This Government have borrowed more than any previous Government and all we are promised is more slashing. All pain and no gain. Our NHS is being starved of funding, school budgets are squeezed and this week they want to take £30 a week from disability allowance. With all this pain you would think national debt is falling. It isn’t. It is still rising. With inflation at zero and interest rates at near zero this would be an ideal time to invest in our countries future, building  hospitals, improving schools and updating transport. But no. Investment is falling also. Debt is up, wages are stagnant, our future is now more uncertain than ever thanks to Osborne’s lack of vision for a future where we all benefit and not just the super rich.

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