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Government failures

As one of the 500,000 people who has taken out one of the Governments fabled help to buy ISA’s only to learn this week they are not exactly what they seemed it got me thinking of the many other news buried Government policies that are affecting people.
If you are a disadvantaged young person you are now less likely to attend University, the first time in a generation this fell after grants were cut. But don’t worry student fees for everyone can now be charged at £9250 a year and you will pay interest on this after the student loan book was privatised.
You can then go to work where to get there your rail fare has gone up more than your wages despite payouts to rail company shareholders rising. You will be lectured by the Government to save only to receive no interest on any savings or be lied to about a help to buy ISA. The size of initial house deposits in Reading are around £30,000 but don’t worry, second home ownership is soaring under this Government and £9.5bn a year is going straight  from taxpayers pockets to landlords pockets.
Whoever wins the Labour leadership contest, this country needs a united opposition who will shine a light on these damaging policies and fight for a fairer country.

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