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Conservative Cuts Cause Care Crisis

Reading Council is facing unfair and unprecedented cuts in its budget in the next few years. The revenue support grant that funds Councils from central Government is to be cut by 92% over the next 4 years. This leaves the Council over £5m worse off than expected, and with £100m slashed from the budget from 2011-2020, this is around a third of the Council’s overall budget. Meanwhile inflation has raised Council costs, National insurance contributions have gone up and demand for many statutory services has risen.
Reading’s Labour Council has continued to strive to improve the lives of residents despite these cuts. A School expansion programme has provided desperately needed new school places, the award winning Council owned and run Reading buses continue to provide low cost transport and the Council will soon be building the first new Council houses in years to add much needed housing to the town.
But these things are becoming increasingly difficult to do. Services the Council has to legally provide such as schools, adult social care and refuse collection take up around ¾ of the Councils budget. The lower the Government funding to Council’s goes, the less money we have for things we’d like to provide for residents such as parks, leisure and pot holes. Reading’s two MP’s consistently vote for these cuts, it’s about time they stood up for Reading residents and not their own parties interests.

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