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Monthly Archives: March 2016

April events

  • Councillors surgery: Ward Councillors will be available at Whitley Cafe on Saturday 3rd April from 10.30am-12pm to discuss any concerns that residents have.
  • Canvassing: Councillors will be out across the ward on various days to knock on doors and speak with residents. We will be out on Thursday 7th April on Southglade and Brybur close (early afternoon), Blagdon Road on Friday 8th April (early afternoon), Barnsdale Road on Saturday 9th April (11am), Winton Road on Saturday 23rd April (11am) and Windemere Road on Saturday 30th April (11am).
  • Reading Banner and Church Ward Rose: over the next month you should be receiving the Labour parties Reading wide newsletter as well as the local ward newsletter to keep you up to date with goings on across your area.
  • Reading half marathon: many roads will be closed on Sunday 4th April as thousands of runners will be completing the half marathon. Please come out and give them a cheer.
  • John Madejski Academy 5 a side tournament: Councillors have been invited along as guests to a 5 a side football tournament on Saturday 4th April at 3-5pm at Academy sport.
  • Community police meeting: Thames valley police will be holding one of their regular Have your say meetings with the local community which will take place on Monday April 4th at 11am at Whitley cafe. 
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Whitley cafe goes from strength to strength

Whitley Cafe on Northumberland Avenue continues its improvements and has recently had new signs put up. It’s hoped these will encourage more customers to come in and try the tasty coffee and cakes on offer! Well done to Mo, Trish, Claire and all involved.

The new sign at Whitley cafe

The new sign at Whitley cafe

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Reading First gathers pace

Ashley was in attendance at the latest Reading First conference on Monday where Head teachers, Governors, Councillors and Council officers met to discuss the future of Reading schools. The aim is to create a collective group where all local schools will work closely together to help and support each other improve. More can be read about it here

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Osborne’s budget failure

George Osborne inflicted another Conservative budget on the country this week that slashes funding, hits the poorest hardest and increases inequality. On top of all of the cuts Reading Council has already had to find, more is set to come after Osborne says a further £3.5bn of cuts are needed. What for you might ask? This Government have borrowed more than any previous Government and all we are promised is more slashing. All pain and no gain. Our NHS is being starved of funding, school budgets are squeezed and this week they want to take £30 a week from disability allowance. With all this pain you would think national debt is falling. It isn’t. It is still rising. With inflation at zero and interest rates at near zero this would be an ideal time to invest in our countries future, building  hospitals, improving schools and updating transport. But no. Investment is falling also. Debt is up, wages are stagnant, our future is now more uncertain than ever thanks to Osborne’s lack of vision for a future where we all benefit and not just the super rich.

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WhitFest 2016

WhitFest, Whitley’s arts festival is back with the theme for 2016 “Light Up Whitley”. Christina Pepper from Aspire2 is looking for individuals or groups, who may be interested in running creative activities from May half-term through to the finale event on 18th June 2016.

If you have any queries, contact Christina on or 07810766412


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Registered voter numbers fall

The number of voters registered to vote across Reading has fallen after the introduction of individual voter registration. It has meant many people will not have a chance to vote in May’s local elections or June’s EU referendum. In Church Ward there has been a fall of nearly a third of voters including a large chunk of student voters. Remember to check your ability to vote, encourage others and sign up for a postal vote to prompt you to vote in future.

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Church Ward Councillors promise to tackle CSE

Eileen, Ashley and Paul have promised to play their part in helping to raise awareness and stop child sexual exploitation. National CSE awareness day is on Friday 18th March and to help raise awareness the Twitter hashing #CSEDay16 #Rdguk is to be used to help spread awarenss to end CSE. Please join us with your message.

Labour Councillors promising to play their part.

Labour Councillors promising to play their part.

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