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Reading Council budget

On Tuesday at Reading’s Full Council meeting the Labour and Conservative Councillors voted through a budget that meant cuts to Council services and a rise in Council tax for Reading residents. This is not a decision taken lightly. I have lived in Reading all of my life and these cuts will hit people I know and care for. The Council tax rise will also mean an increase in what residents have to pay in Council tax by about £2-3 a week on average. This increase still does not fully plug the massive funding cut that George Osborne and central Government inflicted upon Reading. It does mean we can still educate our children, we can still care for our elderly and disabled, and we can still collect your bins. The Council is evolving and changing to cope with these cuts but some things will not be possible and for many we know this will be tough. The Council and Councillors will continue to work with and consult with residents on any changes that are occurring. And unlike the Reading MP’s we will fight for Reading residents. Whilst Rob Wilson may not think you are worth fighting for extra funding for, we do. Cuts in Council services and a rise in Council tax may not mean much to a man who is able to claim £177,000 in expenses and who is enjoying an 11% pay rise this year. But most of us do not have that luxury and would urge the Tory MP’s to lobby their Government to stop the unfair treatment of Reading.

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