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New guidance on school opening

What we know:

– Reception, year 1 and year 6 back in school on June 1st
– There will be no PPE in schools
– Social distancing not expected in Primary
– Class sizes of 15 in Primary
– Class sizes halved in secondary
– No penalty for parents not sending kids
– Break/lunch/Drop offs to be staggered
– Pupils kept in same group/room where possible

Further Questions

– Are years 10 & 12 expected back on June 1st? If so, how many hours per week?
– Will there be any help to provide hand washing facilities?
– Does “limiting shared resources” include computers & PE equipment?
– When the guidance says “Schools should provide meals for all children in school” – Does this mean no packed lunches?
– Whilst flexible work practices are encouraged, how will it be ensured this takes place?
– If 2m distance between desks cannot be achieved in secondary schools, locating to another local school is mentioned, is it not more likely they are all incapable of doing this?
– If schools and local settings are best places to decide what is taught, can you confirm there is no expectation of teaching the curriculum?

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