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National Thank a teacher day

Wednesday is national Thank a teacher day, where I hope we can all take a moment to appreciate the work of our hard working education professionals.
The last few months have been incredibly tough for young people with great upheaval, change and uncertainty. But throughout all of this, their teachers have been there to support them, the mediums may have changed but the care and dedication is still there.

I have been humbled by how teachers have adapted to this new world and risen to the challenge. There have been so many wonderfully creative ways that teachers have engaged with their students both in and out of schools. I’ve seen vegetable gardens, top Trumps for pets, plays acted out, alien profiling and baking competitions amongst many many other fantastic activities to keep students learning but more importantly, ensuring the well being of our young people. 

Above all else this is what out teachers do, they provide reassurance, safety and care for our young people, and for this I am very very grateful. So, Thank you teachers, today and every day. 

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