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Further broken Tory promises

The Chancellor delivered his first full budget today and the grim Chancellor continued the incompetent work of his predecessor. Austerity will be extended to well into the next Parliament. There will be no surplus in this Parliament. National debt keeps soaring (more has been added to national debt in the last 7 years than ALL Labour Chancellors ever put together). No extra funding for the NHS. No new funding for schools. Not the school your son or daughter goes to now anyway, only more money for the PM’s pet project of Grammars to further entrench Tory inequality. Some of the numbers covered up in the full report are grim. Household income to FALL by £900 a year by 2020. This is to be the worst decade for pay growth in 210 years, that is when Napoleon was a worry for the UK. And the headline grabber, more Tory tax rises. Whilst company tax has continued to tumble, VAT that we all pay is still high and now the Tory strivers tax is to be implemented. National insurance contributions rises for self employed workers punishes innovators. It’s a tax on brick layers, cab drivers, consultants and a whole range of workers whose incomes may be irregular and insecure.

This is a Tory Government that breaks its manifesto promises and RAISES tax, it ADDS to debt, and it DESTROYS the public services we hold dear.

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