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Upcoming Events

October events

  • Councillors surgery- Ashley, Paul and Eileen will be on hand as usual to speak with residents about any concerns on Saturday 1st October from 10.30am-12pm at Whitley cafe on Northumberland Avenue.
  • Fun day & 6 a side tournament- The recently relaunched Neighbourhood Action Group or NAG will be holding a fun day, BBQ and 6 a side football tournament on Sunday October 6th from 1pm-4pm. All ages, genders and abilities are welcome, and the only entrance fee is a Tim of food for the local food bank.
  • Aspire2 Quiz- Local charity Aspire2 which helps young people in Whitley will be holding its AGM and Quiz night on Friday 14th October at 7pm at Reading Girls school. Contact Christina Pepper on if you would like to enter a team.
  • Full Council meeting- Church Ward Cllrs will be at the Full  public Council meeting on Tuesday October 18th at 6.30pm in the Civic centre. Ashley will be putting forward a resolution about school funding and asking a question about 20mph zones.
  • Affinity open day- Ashley will be present on Wednesday 26th October from 9a.m.-12pm at Whitley cafe for the Affinity open day. This gives social housing tenants in South Reading a chance to gain information on anything from housing swaps to the bedroom tax.
  • Newsletter delivery- The latest copy of the Church Ward Rose will be delivered towards the end of October to keep residents up to date with what their Cllrs have been doing in the past months.
  • South Reading Neighbourhood Action Group meeting- The next NAG meeting is a chance for local residents to set the agenda on what they want to happen in their community. This will take place on Thursday 27th October at 7pm at The South Reading Youth and community centre. 
  • Canvassing- Cllrs will be speaking with residents about road proposals for Linden Road on Saturday 8th October at 11am and Tuesday 11th October at 6pm. 
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September events

  • Councillors surgery- Ashley, Eileen and Paul will be at The Whitley cafe on Saturday September 3rd from 10.30am-12pm. Come down to discuss any issues or concerns with us.
  • Whitley Neighbourhood Action Group- The relaunched NAG will be meeting to discuss issues in Whitley and its launch event on Thursday 1st September at The South Reading Youth and community centre on Northumberland Avenue at 7pm.
  • Canvassing- Councillors will be out in Linden Road to discuss new traffic measures on Thursday 8th September at 6pm & Monday 26th September at 6pm. Canvassing views on new parking proposals in Totnes Road will also take place on Thursday September 1st at 6.30pm.
  • Whitley park job festival- Informataion and guidance will be available to those seeking a job at Whitley park on Thursday 22nd September.
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August events

  • Councillors surgery: Councillors will be conducting their monthly advice surgery to speak with residents on Saturday 6th August at 10.30am-12pm at Whitley Cafe, Northumberland Avenue.
  • Whitley Neighbourhood Action Group: Local groups and residents recently met to discuss reviving a Whitley NAG. The next meeting of this will be on August 11th at 7pm at South Reading Youth and community centre on Northumberland Avenue. Please attend to let us know how locals would like this to go ahead.
  • GCSE and A level results days: our 16 and 18 year olds will be finding out the result of their hard work on August 18th (A level) and August 25th (GCSE). Good luck to all JMA, Reading Girls and students further afield.
  • Grass verge parking ban discussions: We will be discussing the possibility and canvassing opinion on a potential verge parking ban in Hartland Road, Whitley Wood Road and Winton Road. We will be out on various days to discuss with residents.
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July events

  • Councillors surgery-Ward Councillors will be available to speak about any local issues they can help with on Saturday 4th July from 10.30am-12pm at Whitley cafe. No appointment necessary just drop in.
  • Reading buses open day-the Council owned and run bus company, and winner of a string of national bus awards will be holding its annual open day on Sunday July 3rd from 10am at Great Knollys street. Many stalls, food and behind the scenes tours are available.
  • ACE committee meeting-Eileen and Ashley as Chair & Vice Chair will be ooverseeing the Adult, Children and social care committee on Monday 4th July at 6.30pm at the Civic centre. It is a public and will include an update on the schools improvement plan.
  • South Reading churches fun day- The annual churches fun day will take place at Rabsons Rec on Saturday 9th July from 12pm-4pm and Church Ward Councillors will be in attendance. The annual festival includes various stalls, free food and events for children.
  • Ridgeway Governors day-Ashley will be in attendance at Ridgeway Primary school all day on Tuesday 12th July from 9a.m. Ashley will help judge a poetry competition and meet with teachers and senior leaders.
  • South Reading Neighbourhood action group-The neighbourhood group is being relaunched in South Reading and the first meeting will take place on Thursday 21st July at 7pm at South Reading youth and community centre. Residents and community leaders are welcome and will be joined by Councillors and the police.
  • Grass verge parking ban-Councillors will begin canvassing opinion on the possibility of introducing a grass verge parking ban in Hartland, Whitley Wood and Winton Roads.
  • South Reading calendar-The updated version of the South Reading calendar will be delivered to households at the end of the month. The update will run from July to December and a preview can be seen here- South Reading events calendar A5-IB v4.5
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June events

  • Councillors Surgery: Ward Councillors will be at Whitley cafe on Saturday 4th June at 10.30am to speak with residents about any issues.
  • Ward newsletter: The latest copy of the Labour Rose will be delivered to your door this month with a thank you from Eileen and updates from across the ward.
  • WhitFest: the annual WhitFest art festival will be held at Long Barn Lane on Saturday 18th June. Councillors will have a stall at the festival where you can speak with us and ask any questions.
  • Full Council meeting: Councillors will be in attendance at the Council meeting on Tuesday  June 28th at the Civic centre. Motions and questions from the public will be addressed.
  • Traffic management: There is a traffic management meeting on June 16th where various traffic issues affecting the ward will be discussed. These include Winton Road, Totnes, Torrington Road, Ennerdale Road and Wellington Avenue. Please get into contact with us if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Resident survey: Councillors will soon be door knocking to ask residents their views on the area and how it can be improved but if you would like to fill this out on line it’s available  here
  • EU referendum: The in/out vote about membership of the European Union is on Thursday 23rd June. Your polling stations will be the same as other eelections and you will have a postal vote as usual you have signed up for this.
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April events

  • Councillors surgery: Ward Councillors will be available at Whitley Cafe on Saturday 3rd April from 10.30am-12pm to discuss any concerns that residents have.
  • Canvassing: Councillors will be out across the ward on various days to knock on doors and speak with residents. We will be out on Thursday 7th April on Southglade and Brybur close (early afternoon), Blagdon Road on Friday 8th April (early afternoon), Barnsdale Road on Saturday 9th April (11am), Winton Road on Saturday 23rd April (11am) and Windemere Road on Saturday 30th April (11am).
  • Reading Banner and Church Ward Rose: over the next month you should be receiving the Labour parties Reading wide newsletter as well as the local ward newsletter to keep you up to date with goings on across your area.
  • Reading half marathon: many roads will be closed on Sunday 4th April as thousands of runners will be completing the half marathon. Please come out and give them a cheer.
  • John Madejski Academy 5 a side tournament: Councillors have been invited along as guests to a 5 a side football tournament on Saturday 4th April at 3-5pm at Academy sport.
  • Community police meeting: Thames valley police will be holding one of their regular Have your say meetings with the local community which will take place on Monday April 4th at 11am at Whitley cafe. 
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March events

  • Councillors surgery: Ash, Eileen and Paul will be at the Whitley cafe on Northumberland Avenue to speak to residents and help with any queries on Saturday March 5th from 10.30am-12pm.
  • Canvassing: The Church ward team will be out speaking to residents to ask for any concerns on Monday 14th March at 5.30pm on Shinfield Road and on Saturday March 19th at 11am on Hartland Road.
  • Library consultation: Whitley Library’s future is under consultation with the possibility of the Library moving into the community centre building. We want to hear your views and the consultation is under way. Councillors will be available to answer questions on Tuesday 29th March from 5-6.30pm at the Whitley Cafe.
  • Full Council meeting:  Councillors will be back in the Civic centre chamber on  Tuesday 22nd March at 6.30pm to answer questions from the public, Cllr Eileen McElligott will be asking for an update on progress with helping South Reading schools and Ashley will be asking about the impact of falling numbers in registered voters.
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February events

  • Councillors surgery: Eileen, Ashley and Paul will hold their regular monthly surgery where residents can come along to discuss issues on Saturday 6th February at 10.30am at the Whitley Cafe on Northumberland Avenue.
  • Reading Banner delivery: The Labour party Reading Banner newsletter containing news from across the town will be delivered to residents during the first weekend of February.
  • Canvassing: Councillors will be out speaking to residents on Wentworth Avenue and Whitley Wood Road on Wednesday 17th February (afternoon), Tamarisk Avenue, Whitley Wood Road top and Shinfield Road on Wednesday 24th February from 6pm and Birdhill Avenue, Cressingham Road top and Monksbarn on Sunday 28th February at 11am.
  • Affinity tenancy leaflet: Councillors have developed a simplified version of the new Affinity housing tenancy agreement and this will be delivered to residents this month.
  • Linden Road walk around: Councillors, Affinity representatives and Council officers will be surveying Linden Road on Thursday 25th February at 9am. We will be seeing if there are any traffic and parking measures suitable to implement.
  • Northumberland Avenue shops (by Foxhays Road) redevelopment plans: these shops cut be set for a spruce up with some painting, fence replacing and planting set to take place. An event by the shops to speak to residents will take place on Saturday February 27th from 2.30pm-4.30pm.
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January events

  • Councillors surgery: Eileen, Ashley and Paul will be holding one of their monthly advice surgeries on Saturday 9th January at 10.30am at Whitley cafe. Please come along to discuss any issues you may have.
  • Church Ward Rose and South Reading calendar: You will soon be receiving the latest edition of our ward newsletter as well as the popular South Reading calendar containing events in South Reading for the next 6 months.
  • Canvassing: Councillors will be out and about speaking to residents about any concerns this month. We will be out on Thursday 14th January in Stanhope Road around 6-7pm and Monday 18th January in Upper/Lower Meadow road around 6pm and Foxhays/Windemere roads on the morning of Saturday 30th January.
  • Full Council meeting: Councillors will be in attendance at the public Council meeting where the public and other Councillors can ask questions to us on Tuesday 26th January at 6.30pm at the Civic centre. Councillor Pearce will be asking for the London fringe allowance for teachers to be extended to Reading.
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December events

  • Councillors surgery & Christmas event: Eileen, Ash and Paul alongside other South Reading Councillors will be at one of their regular surgeries on Saturday 5th December from 10.30am-12.30pm at the Whitley cafe on Northumberland Avenue. If you have any issues you want to discuss please come along. Local historian Mark Clapson will also be doing a talk on the history of Whitley at 11am.
  • South Reading Christmas party: Whitley Big local will be celebrating the festive season at Whitley cafe on Saturday 12th December from 1.30pm-4pm. Kids and adults alike are welcome, there will be good, music and activities.
  • Rabsons Rec clean up: Councillors and Labour activists will be out on Sunday December 13th at 11am at Rabsons rec to clean up the park and area. After recent conversations with residents, Councillors and the Council are acting to improve the area for locals. All equipment will be provided so please come along and lend a hand for half an hour to help.
  • Carol service at St Barnabus Church: local residents will congregate at St Barnabus Church on Elm Road on Sunday 13th December at 6pm to sing carols, hear the Christmas message and drink mulled wine. Ashley will also be doing a short reading at the service.
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November events

  • Councillors surgery: Eileen, Ashley and Paul will be holding their regular monthly surgery on Saturday 7th November at 10.30am-12pm at the Whitley cafe. Please come along with any concerns we can help with.
  • Rememberance service: Church Ward Councillors will be in attendance on Sunday 8th November to remember those who sacrificed their lives for us in past wars. St Mary’s Butts church at 10.30am.
  • St Patricks Hall meeting: Councillors and The Northcourt Avenue residents association will be meeting with the University on Thursday November 12th to discuss St Patrick halls redevelopment and local engagement.
  • Voter ID drive: On December 1st thousands of people in Reading could lose their vote after changes to Voter registration. Councillors will be holding a Voter ID advice check at The Whitley cafe on Saturday 14th November at 10.30am-12.30pm where residents can check if they’re registered and ask any questions.
  • Reading Housing summit: Reading is in the midst of a housing crisis where we need more affordable housing as soon as possible. On Tuesday 17th November at 6.30pm at the Town hall all local stakeholders will have their say on how to solve this. The meeting is open to the public so please come along.
  • Elm road residents meeting: Local residents requested a meeting with Councillors to discuss issues and we are more than happy to oblige. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 25th November at 8pm at St Barnabus church. Please come along and raise any concerns you have.
  • Give blood in Whitley: On Monday 30th November at The Whitley cafe from 12.30pm-3.15pm & 4.45pm-7.15pm. You do not need an appointment and can just turn up on the day, Councillor Pearce will be there to donate.
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October events

  • Councillors surgery: Your Councillors will be hosting their monthly surgery on Saturday 3rd October at 10.30am-12pm at The Whitley cafe on Northumberland Avenue.
  • Canvassing: Councillors will be out knocking doors and listening to residents concerns on Sunday 4th October at around 11am on Whitley Wood Road, Alandale Road, Wentworth Avenue, Winton Road and Brybur Road. Further canvassing will take place on Saturday 10th October around 11am and Tuesday 13th October at 6pm, both along Northumberland avenue.
  • As part of the review of it’s services in light of huge Government funding cuts, their will be a review of libraries across the town.  Please give your feedback on the Whitley Library when the review launches on Friday 9th October. 
  • Christ The King older people’s celebratory lunch. Councillors will be in attendance to mark the 25th anniversary of the older people’s lunch club (run by Danny Apap) at Christ the King. The meal will include entertainment and starts at 12.30pm on Saturday October 10th. For more details call Danny on 07917667413.
  • South Reading community hub meeting.  The next meeting of all interested groups concerning South Reading issues including the Council and Whitley Big local is at the Whitley Cafe on Tuesday 13th October at 7pm.  
  • Aspire2 AGM and Quiz night.  Church Ward Councillors will be trying to take top spot at the Quiz night held at Reading Girls school (Northumberland Avenue) on Friday October 16th at 7pm. Please come along and support the excellent work Aspire 2 do for South Reading children.
  • Mark Clapson at Whitley cafe. History and Politics University lecturer Mark Clapson will be returning to the Whitley Cafe on Saturday 17th October at 11am to give another of his fascinating talks on the History of the area.
  • Full Council meeting.  Church Councillors will be in attendance at the public Council meeting on Tuesday 20th October at 6.30pm at the Civic Centre. It will include a question from Ashley on Teachers fringe allowances.
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September events

  • Councillors surgery: Your Councillors will be hosting their monthly surgery on Saturday 5th September at 10.30am-12pm at The Whitley cafe on Northumberland Avenue.
  • St.Barnabus Church Fun day: Councillors will be present at the Churches fun day on Saturday 12th September from 12pm-2pm on Elm Road
  • Canvassing: Councillors will be out knocking doors and listening to residents concerns on Tuesday 8th September at 6pm on Barnsdale Road, Saturday 12th September at 11am on Hollydale Close, and Thursday 24th September at 6pm on Sycamore Road/top of Cressingham Road.
  • Northcourt Avenue residents meeting: Councillors will be speaking to residents of Northcourt about the issues on the road including parking, trees and lamp posts on Tuesday 29th September.
  • Ridgeway School Governors meeting; Ashley will be in attendance at the Full Governors meeting to discuss the schools future strategy and recent results on Thursday 24th September.
  • Education strategy public meeting: Eileen (Chair) and Ashley (Vice-Chair) will be discussing the borough wide education strategy and recent Key stage 2 and 4 results at the public Education meeting at the Civic centre on Tuesday 22nd September at 6.30pm.
  • Church Ward Rose and South Reading calendar: You will soon be receiving a copy of the Ward’s Most recent newsletter as well as the new South Reading calendar after many local groups came together to work on a document with all local events on.
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July events

  • Councillors surgery: Your Councillors will be holding one of their regular surgeries for residents to drop into on Saturday 4th July at 10.30am at the Whitley Community cafe.
  • Shinfield Road Rec clean up: Councillors and (hopefully!) volunteers will be undertaking a clean up of Shinfield Road Rec on Saturday 4th July at 12pm-2pm, meeting at the entrance on Linden Road. Reading Borough Council will provide gloves, bags, pickers and collect any findings, we just need to provide the labour.
  • Full Council meeting: Ashley, Paul and Eileen will be in attendance at the last Council meeting before the summer where a busy schedule is expected on Tuesday 7th July.
  • Ridgeway Governors meeting: Ashley will be at the Ridgeway Governors meeting on Wednesday July 15th and in attendance at one of the school’s assemblies.
  • Whitfest: WhitFest is Aspire2’s annual community arts festival, that hosts community-led arts projects and activities which celebrate this distinctive part of Reading. A full schedule of May Half Term Events will be available soon.  The Finale will take place at Rabson’s Recreation Grounds on 18 July 12-4 PM. If you are interested in sharing something at the Finale please contact Christina Pepper at
  • Canvassing: Councillors will be back out talking to residents about their concerns and how to improve the area in the following places/Times: Wednesday 8th July on Windemere Road at 6pm, Blagdon Road on Saturday 11th at 11am, Linden Road on Wednesday 15th at 6pm for a traffic survey (more to follow), Northcourt Avenue on Thursday 16th at 6pm and Foxhays Road on Saturday 18th at 11am. 
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June events

  • Councillor surgery: Ward Councillors will be available to chat to about any concerns or issues in the area on Saturday June 6th from 10.30am-12pm at the Whitley cafe on Northumberland Avenue. 
  • Labour rose: The latest edition of the Church Ward Rose will be dropping through your letter box at the beginning of June.  This edition includes election results, Reading buses news and a report on the recent clean-up.
  • South Reading churches fun day: the now well established fun day at Rabson’s Rec returns for its 11th year on Saturday 27th June.  The event organised by Vernon Orr at St.Agnes Church on Northumberland Avenue last year included a bouncy castle, face painting and free food.
  • Whitley museum event: Fighting for Whitley. The Whitley museum will be holding an event on Saturday June 20th from 10am-3pm.  The event is a chance for residents to share memories, events and stories with other locals. There will also be a talk by Dr Mark Clapson at 11am and 1.30pm.
  • South Reading community hub meeting: Councillors, Whitley Big Local representatives and Reading Borough Council will be meeting on Tuesday 30th June to discuss plans for future projects in South Reading.
  • Council business: It is a busy month for Ward Councillors with each attending meetings of their various committees including planning, licensing and education.
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May events

  • Councillor surgery: Church Ward Councillors will be available to talk to at the Whitley café (Community centre on Northumberland Avenue) from 10.30am-12pm on Saturday 2nd May. They will also be out in the Ward speaking to residents.
  • General election: The General election is on Thursday May 7th.  You can vote from 7am to 10pm and depending on where you live in Church Ward your polling station will be one of Christ the King school (Northumberland Avenue), The Community centre (Northumberland Avenue), Ridgeway Primary or the Scout hut (Northcourt Avenue). You may have already received a postal vote or polling card but remember you DO NOT need your polling card to vote.  If you need any assistance getting to a polling booth or know any one that does please let us know.
  • South Reading Community steering hub: Councillors will be meeting with representatives of Whitley Big local and Reading Borough Council to discuss proposals to help improve South Reading on Tuesday 12th May at the South Reading Community centre.
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April events

  • Newletters: You will be receiving the latest Ward newsletter at the beginning of April. The election special includes features on Reading East candidate Matt Rodda and Church candidate Paul Woodward and can be seen here: Election final
  • Inequality talk: There will be a talk about tackling inequality hosted at the Quaker house on Church street on Wednesday 1st March starting at 7.30pm.
  • Whitley estate walkabout: The neighbourhood policing team will be out to speak to residents on Tuesday 7th April at 10am meeting at the Whitley advice shop off Northumberland Avenue.
  • Surgery: Ward Councillors will be holding their regular advice surgery at the Whitley community cafe on Saturday 4th April from 10.30am-12pm.
  • Canvassing: Councillors will be out to speak to residents on Saturday 11th April at 11am on Linden road, Wednesday 15th April at 6pm on Ennerdale and Stanhope road and Saturday April 26th in the Blagdon road area. Please speak to us about your concerns and how to improve the local area.
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